Vocational Training

PV System Designer and Installer 


The course provides the necessary theoretical and practical background for the design and installation of small-scale photovoltaic (PV) systems thereby meeting the great need of businesses for specialized services in the field of grid-connected photovoltaic systems. More specifically, the program is needed for businesses aiming to acquire professional training skills in the design and installation of solar photovoltaic systems, in order to use the skills acquired to attract new customers and lay the foundations for their future jobs in this rapidly expanding sector.  


Upon completion of the training program trainees will be able to:

•    Have the knowledge and skills required to properly design small-scale PV systems following the rules of good practice.

    Conduct proper site assessment and system design following quality assurance methods.  

•   Get hands-on experience in properly installing PV systems by following safety and health rules as well as compliance with local regulations and       instructions.

•    Recognize the need for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and in particular PV systems.

•    Recognize the potential risks when installing a PV system.

•    Choose the equipment needed to safely install a PV system.

•    Recognize the potential risks and perform the necessary work in a secure and quality installation.


The course is certified by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry and the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus.



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