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Mr Odhisea Gazeli
Research Associate

Odhisea Gazeli was born in Albania, while he grew up and studied in Greece. He finished the High School of Molaoi Laconias in Greece, and he obtained the Physics diploma from the Department of Physics of the University of Patras in Greece. This background and his deep interest in experimental fundamental physics and their applications allowed him to obtain a scholarship and to be accepted as a MSc Student in the Department of Physics of University of Patras. He has been working for two years as MSc student in the previous department and, in 21-01-2019, he obtained his MSc Diploma in Physics (mark : “Excellent”, specialty: Photonics and Lasers and, most specifically, development of Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy techniques for novel applications). The results of his MSc were published in 2 peer-reviewed international journal, 2 international and 4 national conferences. He has given 3 talks and he has presented 2 posters in Greek national conferences.



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